About Us

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran is a treasure of history, science, culture and art. We record and display these treasures with technology and innovation

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Miras-e-arka Innovation Studio

Miras-e-arka Innovation Studio

Miras-e-arka intends to record and make available to the public the valuable works of Iranian culture and civilization by developing technology and innovation in cultural, historical, artistic, natural and tourism centers

Our vision

Providing creative solutions to record and display Iranian culture and art

Our mission

To be an effective and inspiring member to create great events in the field of Iranian culture and art

Our values

doing the right thing
Strive for excellence
Love for Iran
Creative and constructive approach

We founded Mirasearka to protect the cultural heritage

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Our team

We have done 140 projects all over Iran since 2014 to preserve Iranian art and culture in society and transfer it to future generations. Our team consists of young and experienced specialists and scholars in the fields of archeology, museology, restoration, mapping, art history, graphics, photography, programming, and industrial design.